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Happy New Year

Brethren: May I be the first to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! The year before us is a great opportunity of unlimited possibilities. Where will you be in a year? Where will the Lodge by in a year? Choose to make it the best year yet, and recognize that each of us [...]

From the East – December

Brethren: December marks the close of 2008 and WHAT a year it has been. Like every year, it has had its triumphs and tragedies, its good times, and its hard times. December is a time to reflect upon the past year and begin looking forward to the next. It is also a time to reflect [...]

From the East – November

What does Masonry teaches us about death? During October, November, and December the days grow shorter than the nights and the leaves and summer vegetation all wither and die back. Many ancient religions believed the these months symbolized the death of the Sun with the longer and longer nights, until it seemed darkness would overcome [...]

Building Your Masonic Faade

Why did you join the Lodge? Has your reason for staying in Lodge changed? As an Apprentice, you were placed in the Northeast corner and given instructions upon which to build a moral and Masonic edifice, a floorplan for living a good life. The questions and answers provided you with the cornerstone, but how much [...]

Why We Teach the Work

Why do we require candidates to learn the esoteric work? Is it to haze our new Masons or to yoke our members with an additional Masonic burden? Sometimes it may feel this way, but in truth, it has a higher purpose. Teaching the work is what distinguishes Masonry from all other civic groups. It is [...]